Syawal mode

By Saturday, September 18, 2010 ,

hi dearest reader..
long time no see r..hehehe
im busy celebrating SYAWAL..
well actually busy
putting a great outfit, make-up n pose
for this blog lah of course..

okeyhhh okeyhh
the creamer baju kurung moden with the black lace
is my outfit for this 1st and 3rd raya
hahahaha thats why the hijab is different
it was taken on the different day and venue... ^^

ohhhh ^^
for the non-Malaysian reader..
this is one of the traditional malay wear
usually girls will wear this outfit during the raya celebration..
but it is also being worn as a daily outfit..

uuhuuuu..this is not the end
well there will be another post of my raya outfit
wait for them yarr
we still in syawal mode rite so..

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