Iftar menu (2) - The Ship Damansara


Salam 9th of ramdhan kareem dear reader...
this entry is the 2nd part of my IFTAR menu
the previous menu is chinese food
to read it
now it was WESTERN dishes
ehh org melayu ke ape ni??
don't worry my 1st choice will always be MALAY types
from the food, culture and of coz MAN!!!
huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...gatai no!  ^_____^

so, as you see above
the selected restaurant is THE SHIP
that is me and my sister FAV steak house 
as our dad always brought us there since our childhood
but now the steak house a.k.a western types of restaurant
are just like a mushroom..there are everywhere
with wide range of prices..depends on the quality itself

i know lots of you are already familiar with THE SHIP
but for those who do not have any idea about it
now. lets talk about it!

the venue is at DAMANSARA
there are several other places in K.L
such as Jln T.A.R (in the Pertama Complex) and Bukit Bintang

the range of prices from RM5.90 (drink) to RM80 (can be)
the service is of coz great (BAYAR MAHAL kott..hemmm)
the decoration is SUPERB!
it is based on the interior of the ship
so, you will feel like you are having meal in the ship lor..

the food is of coz HALALlul THAIYIBAN..
make sure you read the description of the menu before you decide on the order..
so what we have here..

the "free" introduction
minute steak (RM29)
black paper chicken chop (RM20.90)
chinese fried rice (RM13.90)
manggo fresh juice (RM6.90)
watermelon juice (RM5.90)
the "free" sirap bandung

hahahahhaa  XD
you know why i put the word "free" like that..
coz you don't have to order them, it will be serve for free
but of coz it was included in the service tax and whatsoever..POYO jer kn!!!

but overall
for sure the food is GOOD as the price
but we will have it
once in a month or maybe once in a year
since i know another BETTER place to have this kind of dishes
without being exaggerate!!

we were having fun here..
eating, talking, laughing..huahauhhua
thanks LOVE papa and along ^____^

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  1. ouh, so tempting!

  2. looks so nyummiii..

    wanna exchange link and follow me????

  3. biler lar nak dpat mkn berbuka sdap2 cniy..

  4. fatyn n mida-->mmg sedap n duit pon sedap lar..hehehe
    sekali sekala jer ^___^

    dorothy-->tq..ok will follow u n lets exchange our link ^____^

  5. hello there pretty!
    thanks SO much for always leaving sweet comments on my blog. You're a malaysian? Great to havea friend from there!
    Keep in touch okay!
    And goodluck on the fasting month, hope everything goes well:)


  6. huda-->hehehe jgn batal pose dh lar ek ^___^

    CLARA-->hehehe love 2 get ur comments ^___^
    yup im malaysian n i am also glad to hv a friend from indonesia..
    yeahh..stay in touch yarr!


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