LOOK #2 - feminine+very the chic

This is the full look,
as usual..
there is no 'B' word in my whole outfit,
as long as i found that 
it is suit with me..and of course inexpensive
a.k.a CHEAP-lor
i will grab it and pay!

okeyhh...lets story bout the CHEAP prices i have there..
ONLY the outfit is CHEAP lor
NOT ME okeyyhhh..hahahahahha

~ blue oversize blouse RM 26.90

~ skinny jeans RM 46.90

~ zebra printing scarf  RM 10

~ choc BELT RM 9.90 (believe it guys!)

~ VINCCI heels RM 69.90 
(the only branded thing there...)

~ CARLO RINO oversize handbag RM 219.90 
(another branded thing i have...)

huhuhuuhuu...almost items are from Sg. Wang!
super VALUABLE erk~

LOVE my look and hers here...
she is my hang out bestie..
name : TEHA
 called : Tia
status : single as me ^____^

so, the things here is..
you don't need the 'B' word as in Branded stuff
for you to look good..
just style it confidently and walaahhh...
YOU CAN BE THE SPOTLIGHT of the day! ^ ^

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