Broga Hill (part 2)

huhu...the reason of why
i'm posting this BROGA hill XPDC part by part
is because the bunch of our photo there..
its all good 
so i just wanna upload it all here! in the previous part
i'm talking about some stones that we have to climb
in order to get to the real peak it is

this is the only not-so-hardcore path at the Broga hill
that you need to deal with
as you go up the peak
(iyelar..kan bukit je pon..BERLAGAK!)

then, comes the peak's story
here how it looks like..
jeng jeng jeng

you will say that
takde lar 'gah' mane kn kn ^___^ is just a hill
but the satisfaction is still there..
as now i can said to the world that
i had conquered the BUKIT BROGA meh~

you have to cherish the moment up there
as the peak's view is always AWESOME
as a MUSLIM,
you should believe that Allah is always the GREATEST CREATOR ^____^
the proved...


pasan x asik mamat baju cokelat ni jer kn kn kn??
dalam sume gambar scenery mesti die ader...  ~_____~
hahahhaa...actually die sangat lah pandai mencari port
kat mane org nak shoot cam die pon tercongok lah kat situh...hurmmmm
terpakse lah snap jer!
sabor je ler  ^________^

next PHOTOs down here..
are the syok sendiri photos of us!
as i said before that we all have the same interest
okeyhh..besides HIKING
we LOVE to POSE! ^______^

lets started with me...hehe~

envy na na
you should wait for the  
as more HQ photos will be upload the POSING-POSING picture of us..hehe

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