1st contest ^____^

this is the contest or GIVEAWAY from a blog that i've been following
and yup this is also my VERY 1ST TIME joining such contest..
since this is SIMPLE
so i've decided to give a try! ^____^

yeahh..i have followed you HERE:

my blog THEME and my interest:

as for the concept of the look..well, actually i don't put any theme here but theoretically, my fav colour is yellow and i LOVE  GOLDISH and something looks glamorous plus gorgeous...WWoooww!
hahahaha SIZZLING SUZAI kn..demand tau! XD

but in terms of content, i choose "MONOLOGUE of Sizzling Suzai" as the motto because i would story here everything about MYSELF, my life, my interest and etc etc etc since i have lots  and lot and lots of INTEREST!!!
just look at my blog categories there..haha i LOVE everything!
from FASHION & beauty to the DESIGNING to the FOOD and also HIKING!!
the scope is too wide..huh ^____^
but yeahh..that are my INTEREST..BUT you can minus the reading habit and POLITIC!


i hope that this BLOG will last forever..wahahahaha and the most important is it can give beneficials to the human being! insyALLAH.. ^____^


huuhuh..i dont know exactly how to do this but..i put those 3 blogger here..
yg ade name jgn marah erk..saye pakai letak je nih

Kak Yana
Teratak indah

ahhahahaha guys..GOOD LUCK!
for those who want to join this..click here

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