Syawal inspiration i look like an arabian lady???
if you can stand my next-next
perasan nak jadi model poses
you can scroll down this page...

go make it moderate..
now...rock it baby ROCK it!

okeyh..enough of the poses.. ~
 actually girls,i wanna give you the idea of hijab for this coming Syawal! 
hahaha i knew it just only the 4th Ramadhan today,
but some of you are already 
wondering of what is the BEST look for this raya
rite? rite? rite?
pompuan biasa lah..hehehe
i am always find that headband is a 'sexy' accessory
sexy can give lots of definition..okeyhh ^ ^
so i am always eager to wear it..
huuhhhhh...coz i wanna look 'sexy' too..
Nah, as you have seen above
mine concept is taken from the Arabian hijab style called Pashmina
and to make it look more stylish
i added the headband
opppss..the 'sexy' headband as an extra accessory..
*** you should wear it before you wear your inner scarf..!

ohhh yarr..this is the 'SEXY' headband that i used..

this is my phone hanger..
and yup that is the 'SEXY' headband in my above look! 

now, as for the make-up
i am always in LOVE with the smoky eyes
plus dark black eye liner..
if it is a liquid eyeliner it will be better 
but im still learning to use it..
heh i just wore the pencil one lor~
then, the others should stay simple and NATURAL..

all the beauties out there
i wish you GOOD LUCK for the new look..maybe
but, although you are keep worrying about 
your unfinished baju raya at the tailor,
you have to remember
the most important thing now is...
and it is only once a year..
lets, DOUBLE up our IBADAH..okeyhh! ^ ^

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