Heppy Ramadhan

(harr, jemput jemputlah masuk...hehe)
yup, the above digital un-flashed card was made by me ^  ^
specially dedicated to my dearest reader
especially the 22 followers of my infamous blog..
thanks a lot a lot a lot..muah 3x

since it is a RAMADHAN month..
i think i should just blog about the nice things only~
hehe..a little bit islamisation maybe..
as i am a student from the International Islamic University Malaysia
but yet i don't post any Islamic post!
its okay lar as long as i don't talk about any nonsense here rite?
hehehhehe.. >___<

but i do hope i can be a better muslimah
along this holy month
and also in the next next month lor

so0oo guys,
don't skip any day of FASTING,
sincere your heart and soul to do the TARAWIKH,
and you will be bless in the coming SYAWAL..

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