Additional substitutes in the material compliment human needs

waaargghhh..itu dia TITTLE!!
hehehhehe...sounds intelligence enough..huh?!
okeyh..that was my presentation tittle for the EAP subject
stands for English Academic Purpose..
and you might be SUPRISE
coz this is the VERY 1ST TIME
i am posting about my studies..waalllaahhhh

hurrmmm....thanks a lot to k.yana
as she is the one who makes me to post this 'things'
since i HATE to talk about my studies here..
maybe because blog is the place for me having FUN n blah blah..

now, the main purpose here is
i wanna share with you the slides of this presentation
that was inspired by my lovely dearest KAK YANA
hehhehehe..thanks a lot a lot for the brilliant idea!
here it is..\

soo0oo COLOURFUL ar..hahaha
that is the you see it you will say like
"arghh..saket mata akuh!!"
and for sure you will focus on my presentation..hehhehe
basically i LOVE to do a presentation a lot!
pelek tol budak nih kn...??
the reason is because i LOVE to talk alot alot alot..
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH (EVIL LOUGH) i think it is better for me
to explain a little bit about this issue.. 
READY BE SERIOUS..damn seriuss!

what actually the meaning of
ADDITIONAL SUBSTITUTE in the material..???
haargghhh...LOOK AT the 2nd slide..DEFINITION ^____^
then what is the example of it..
now look at the 4th slide..1ST ARGUMENT
hahahahahhaha ^_____^

okeyh..okeyhh..serious mode!
in a simple way..i can say that
its like you adding something in the material to produce a NEW material
as example..
the biodegradable FOOD CONTAINER
(the paper chocolate colour where you have to pay more for ur food larr)
to produce that thing,
you have to uce this ADDITIONAL OF SUBSTITUTE method!

well, this activity have lots of ADVANTAGES such as:

1. friendly ENVIRONMENT
2. saving ENERGY used
3. ELIMINATE the used of hazardous raw material (ex:PB)
4. LOWER the cost of raw material
5. SAVING the mother earth sources
6. etc etc etc
(looks how LAZY i be when it come to my studies matter..huh)

i think we had enough here..
BAPAK pemalas budak nih..nak belajar ke tak????
whatever...hahahah ^____^
so..end here..thanks a lot for reading!!!

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  1. hahaha..comel la suzai..terima kasih kerana mencuba bercerita tentang pelajaran anda..hehe~

  2. As a PhD holder in Chemical Engineering, me myself never believe in the good cause of recycling. Why? Though it can reduce the dependency of raw material to be consumed, it can in fact pollute more to the environment, and uses more energy. Plus, biodegradable stuff is actually quite harmful to the water systems too...
    Wah, cakap ilmiah la plak after cakap2 fesyen. hihihi.. jgn marah. =)

  3. k.yana-->hahah akhirnye kn..but xtau ble lg nk story sal studies ni..! XD t org kate i ni asik jln je..xstudy MARAH LAH NI! haha

  4. mr. zamri-->adoihh..nk bangkang pon xle nih u r a phd holder(what?? woww!!) in chemical, i guess i should say everybody has their own thoughts n we should respect it..hehhehee... ^______^

    n btw, nape plak i nk mrh yang, i like 2 receive either +ve or -ve comments here coz we can always learn from mistakes..right? tq! ^^


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