Broga Hill (part 3)

opppsss...SALAH pose!!
hehe kat ladang pun jadi..!

 (sorry for the non-edited pics, i am too lazy to adjust all the contrast brightness blah blah)

guys, lets continue on  my BROGA HILL XPDC  ^___^
if you wonder about it,
do please check my previous entry

looks like the journey took about 3 days huh..
(iyelar ade 3 separate post..hahaha)
well actually it was estimation of 1 hour for climbing and another 1 hour for descenting minus PHOTOSHOOT, Queuing and etc etc..
we spent 5 hours on it!

the reason why i am still wanted to post
this Broga Hill (part 3) is
i am so0o impressed by the GREAT family bonding plus
the taking-care-of-health type of family 
while i descent down the hill..
(iyelar, mase naik bukit tuh GELAP gelita mane nampak org..haha dah turun baru pasan!!)

hurrmmm...i do hope that after i get marry
i will be able to do the same thing to my kids..
hurmm.. i mean provided them with a healthy life style lor~
owhh okeyhh..maybe that time i will not able to this kind of activity anymore rite..?
(skang pon pinggang cam nak patah during that time..PATAH riuk dah kot..haha)
hahaha..lets see... ^ ^

guys..okeyh i think i can list out their name here..
*makcek PIQAH

"LOVE you guys and lets climb another mountain!! >__< "

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