Iftar menu (1) - Damansara food court

 chinese fried rice - RM4

stir chili fried prawn - RM10

fruity juices - RM4(each)

huhuuu..i can see you licking up your saliva
hehehehehe ^___^
yup, this time it is about FOOD!

actually, this is the menu of d 3rd ramadhan
if i'm not mistaken..oppss sorry for the late post
but still i wanna talk about it
as it is a CHINESE food
and the fact here..I LOVE CHINESE FOOD
as much as MALAY dishes!  >___<
and also sorry because it is only 2 ordered menu up there
BUT IM SURE THAT the others are as good as these!

okeyh..the venue is
at the UPTOWN DAMANSARA food court
the name is STEVEN's WOK CORNER
the food is of coz CHINESE style
hahahahhaa XD
because it is delly-DELICIOUS ^___^

arghhhh..let me explain the taste of the prawn
as a CHINESE food lover
i LOVE butter fried prawn soo0oo much
so, this dish (i meant stir chili fried prawn)
when it go into your mouth
you can taste the fried butter taste instantly
and the source is so licking the finger!

heemmm..now im licking my own saliva
seeedddaaaapappppppp gillerrrrr!!!!!
seriously, you have to taste it..
okeyhh lets end it here
THANKS along for recomending it to me
plus PAID all the bills..

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