Broga Hill (part 1)

hik...i've been so excited to post this entry @___@
as it is my 'other' interest..haha
(banyak tol interest saye erk~)
yup..i have lots of interest
so, i think you should ask me about what i don't put myself in lor~

okeyhh..the story..
have you ever heard the name of Broga Hill a.k.a Bukit Broga?
it is located at Semenyih, Selangor
i know you familiar with it,
as it is a famous spot not just among the hikers,
as well as the normal people who love to live in a healthy life!

because when we decided to climb the hill,
everybody reacted like..."Arghh...Broga i know that place lah" we are the one who live in the tempurung!

to begin with,
we started our journey just after the subuh prayer at the nearest Petronas oil pump
we reached at the Broga Hill's entrance about 6.30 a.m
it is quite a bit late though
because there were already full with climber meh~
but Alhamdulillah we're able to perform our duty better than not..

these shaky pics are clearly showed
the foggy morning of our journey there
hehehhe... ^___^
(sebenanrnye diri sendiri yg xPRO mek pic lagih) totally forgot to check the time
but can assume,
we started at 6.30 am and reached the peak at 7.30 am
so, overall it takes about 1 hour
that's the earliest time i can reach the peak!
as we have to queue
(yup, Q as there were packed of people along the path)

but of course the view satisfied us...


and yeahhhh, we're also got the chance to see the sun rise
although it just a few second...

obviously this is not the peak yet..
but we stayed as lots of people up there
and we did some photoshoot as usual lor~
so, lets see our POSE..haha

gambar lompat-lompat adalah WAJIB tau ^___^

so we continue our journey to the peak
since lots of people go back already lor~
but still we stop at the 2nd point
as for your information,
this Broga Hill has about 3 stops..
which mean, a land where lots of people can gather and have a group photoshoot
(arghhh, susahnyer nak explain erk...haha)

and i did another photoshoot there
(actually kitorang memang suka pon tangkap2 gambar nih..heheh)
because to reach the REAL peak,
you have to climb some big rocks
where people are queuing at the moment..
so, we just giving them some space to move out ~____~

but the view here..
is more more breath taking than the 1st one...see..

this is my FAVORITE pic
not because i am the Rose among the thorns erk~
but the view back there
make us look like we're floating on the stone
are you feeling the same as i am...
(hahahaha pasan sesorang jerk)

huh, guys should stop here
and continue on the  
wait for the entry okeyhh ^___^
as LOTS OF HQ plus great PHOTOs will be upload..

*will be continue.....

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