Rizalman Short Film's Pulang Preview

details this #ootd is here Look #223 - If I Let You In

my FIRST time taking a photo with my idol BUT I LOOKED SUPER UGLY AND FAT! hate this 

Obviously, this was happened long long time ago yet i haven't shared it in here as i failed to receive nice photos of the show and plus minus i was just lost the track. this short film by Rizalman Ibrahim is actually part of the #RizalmanForZalora 2016 campaign as what he did on the previous year but this time the duration is much longer. nah this is the definition of a 'Short Film'!

The same concept is being applied, Warghh cerita ayaq mata ni, serius meminta sangat! and i do agree Rizalman is good at it, he knows how to play with emotion although stereotype story plot being shown and i reckon viewers can easily predict the ending but still........... at the end of the film, everyone in the 'cinema' was crying yup including that legend star, ZIANA ZAIN because she just sat in front of me! i saw she wiping her tears which in the same time i did the similar action lol the most lol about it, one of the item inside the goodies bag is a pack of tissue! yah besides, being that emotionally melancholic Rizalman, he is also known for his frank and zany character.

Here is the VERY LAST PART of the whole film. the character and the storyline are based on TRUE STORY which everybody knows that Rizalman has 2 child right, a special child given by Allah to him to care and to guide. so, main cast is Rizalman himself and Umar (the 1st child) who arguing in the middle of the story which later the sick Rizalman died in Umar's arms...... huhu so, here is that part! (T_T)

So, do you want some tissue too?

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