Look #261 - My Mom's Classy Dress

Tailored Velvet Dress / Melinda Looi Belt / Coach Bag

BAD TUDUNG day! huh btw did you know why some style they considered as "Timeless" ?? well, as easy as that particular garment can be worn at any time without looking outdated yet still so fashionable. to be specific one of it is the vintage clothing which globally accepted at any time and anywhere.

Now, how to grab one without spending a single penny? HAHA go and explore your mom's wardrobe or if you are lucky enough, check your grandnanny's closet too. i bet you might be surprised on how stylish they were during their young days!

So, my mom's matching velvet dress here is tailored by an unknown tailor shop. the material is very rich and full with silver embellishment which looking so exclusive. thank God, she used to have a same cutting though as this dress fit perfectly on me. nevertheless, i added the eye-catching belt to highlight the curve and make me look much slimmer. the only part that i less fancy is the sleeve which i think can be put extra effort into it, perhaps?

Thanks for reading and Happy Holiday peeps! :)

Photographed by SyahiraZakaria


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