Beauty : MARY KAY Microdermabrasion Plus Set Review

With tons of various skincare provided, we never knew which one suits our skin the best. Although having variety of choices to choose from, a wrong product might ruin your face appearance and even your purple notes!! I myself, even jumped from one skincare to another due to the previous products don’t offer the promising result or perhaps the new products on beauty counter looks more convincing. And the cycle repeats as beauty products with more convincing came.

Despite all the raves.. yadaa..yadaa..yadaa.. the most important thing is to follow your skin instinct! It’s almost similar to follow your heart but in this case, it involves listening to your own skin’s grumble. If your face started to poppin’ out continuously with pimples then; stop using the product. If your face shows improvement; then continue using it. Knowing the ingredients of particular product will help you to identify if the product could potentially cause any allergy or negative reaction to your skin or not. 

As of today, I will be reviewing Mary Kay Timewise Microdermabrasion Plus Set (which comes with these 2 items; Mary Kay Refine & Replenish)  and let’s start with the essence of skincare products which are INGREDIENTS

Mary Kay Refine

Key Ingredients
Alumina is listed in the highest rank of Mary Kay Refine due to its main role in gently exfoliating dead cells from the surface of the skin. What’s not to love about it when you know it’s the same ingredient used in microdermabrasion treatments by dermatologist?!  So, why do you have to spend more in the clinic if you can have it at home at a fraction of a price? Aha!

Key Natural Ingredient
I don’t even know since when Caffeine started to be included in skin care history but it’s not surprising since its ph level is nearest to normal ph balance of 5.5 and to human’s skin with an added benefits that people keep raving about. They said coffee can treats redness and inflammation, it reduce dark eye circle,  it removes dead skin cells, it reduce wrinkle appearance hence making the skin look younger and it goes on and on…. And on..

Other Main Ingredients
These remaining ingredients are needed for this Refine cleanser to deliver its best performance which comprise of 

1. butylene glycol (acts as solvent to help this cleanser dissolve in water)
2. cyclopentasiloxane (the conditioning & delivery agent)
3. hydrogenated polyisobutene (an emollient moisturizer that helps prevent water loss)
4. glyceryl stearate (surfactant and emulsifying agent)
5. peg-100 stearate (makes skin feels softer and help oil and dirt on the skin’s surface to be wash away easier because they will have better ability to mix with water).

To gives this cleanser a pleasant appearance, myristyl myristate is needed for a glossy white appearance as well as providing an excellent dry powdery feel. To ensure our skin feels comfortable, cyclohexasiloxane gives a silky & slippery feeling to the touch and provides a protective barrier on the skin. 

Mary Kay Replenish

Main Ingredients
1. Cyclopentasiloxane allows beneficial ingredients such as plant extracts to reach skin faster while it sets on the skin’s surface as moisturizer thanks to its large-size-mesh-aquarium-net look alike and its breathable properties.

2. Polusilicone-11 is a film-forming agent and polymer which I think one of the most awesome ingredient needed because it gives an excellent non oily, smooth, matte appearance with powdery feel, stable delivery of plant extracts as well as sebum absorption and control.

3. Pentaerythrityl tetraethylhexanoate acts as a viscosity increasing agent meanwhile; dipropylene glycol controls the viscosity of a formulation.
Key Natural Ingredients
1. Evodia Rutaecarpa fruit extracts
In Chinese traditional medicine, Evodia Rutaecarpa fruit is known to provide warmth to the body but not to your face when applied it externally! Instead, it is actually a good soothing agent to aggravated skin and inhibits inflammation and most importantly giving the skin a radiant glow.  

2. Camellia Sinensis Leaf extracts (green tea extract)
The polyphenols contained in the green tea is the key properties in this product because it fights free radicals and neutralizing harmful UV rays thus; resulting in slowing down the development of skin aging, restoring skin’s elasticity and repairing any environmental damage. Young adult could also benefit from green tea as its anti-bacterial properties help to fight acne and skin blemishes

If you do not know what polyphenols is, the simplest explanation is polyphenols protect plants against UV radiation and oxidative damage. They also give vibrant colour, flavour and aroma to fruits and vegetables.

3. Albizia Julibrissin Bark extracts
This mimosa tree extract is also known as “happiness herb” because it is often used for stress and anxiety relief.  Having “happiness herb” in a skin care not only promotes protection againt glycation (a process of losing suppleness while you aging) but it repairs tired-looking skin as well which is due to loss of radiance and suppleness. 

Rather than helping in releasing stress when consumed it orally, I have a theory that applying “happiness herb” onto your face will make you feel happy as well because you know this extract will maintain your youthfulness much longer. And who doesn’t get happy with that kind of idea?!

4. Hydrolyzed Soy Flour
The isoflavones contained in hydrolyzed soy flour offers lots of benefits to the skin including anti aging (clue: collagen and wrinkles), reduce inflammation, increase moisture retention and prevents hyperpigmentation disorder depending on how the soy is processed.


1) Oil and Fragrance-free

Both May Kay Refine and Replenish are oil and fragrance – free which is beneficial for everybody especially people with sensitive skin. In fact, fragrances in skincare products are among the most common cause of sensitive and negative skin reaction. Why bother for a nice smell if it doesn’t provide any benefits to the skin? 

2) Texture

Mary Kay Refine
If I were to compare this refine cleanser with my current organic face scrub; Mary Kay has higher ratio of grainy beads to cream. Despite higher amount of microbeads in Mary Kay, the grains (alumina) are very tiny and refine which is great for gentle exfoliation process. Mary Kay is kinda lightweight and easily to be rinsed off. The best part of May Kay Refine is…. It makes my skin feel fresh, super soft and smooth.    

May Kay Replenish
Mary Kay Replenish is not very easily spreadable which might be due to its light but a-bit-thick texture feels. When applying Replenish onto skin, it feels greasy (presence of silicone) at first but the formulation easily absorbed into the skin leaving a matte powdery finish.

Many people review that their foundation is easier to be blend and last longer after they put on Replenish. From my point of view, I do feel that this Replenish gives similar effects like a primer that you usually applied prior to foundation because primer contains silicone that acts as pore filler giving a smooth finish to the skin. But, does pore filling is kind enough to your skin? I’m not sure.

3) Worth to try? 

So, is this Microdermbrasion Plus Set worth to try? In my opinion, it’s worth it if this microdermabrasion set cater to your skin concern but always listen to your skin’s grumble first because not every skin care products in the markets works for everyone.

Good Luck and Hope this is helping though! :)

Written by IfaAthirah and SizzlingSuzai


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