Digi Postpaid Plan for My Unlimited 4G Weekend

My weekend is seriously PACK! pack with everything, from personal matters to the blogging thingy! the two days of Saturday and Sunday are the only time for me to pleasure myself doing the things that i love which normally its an outdoor activity. When I meant outdoor, it means there is no 'home wifi' and i will totally depending on my phone and my Internet Data Plan!

OK so this is how my usual pack weekend goes. I usually start my day on Saturday morning doing sports activity which requires me to update my social media. Then, I attended another event in the evening which later drag till night. This also requires me to share few photos and some info in my Instagram and Facebook. Well, uploading one photo already took my data almost 1.5MB Nah its not even included the Snapchat video, Instagram storyline 15secs video and Live FB video! fyi i usually uploaded more than 5 photos in a day!

The average Facebook user apparently spends more than 8 hours per month online. That adds up to 720MB at 1.5MB per minute,
if you only access your feed using your phone. That's most of a 1GB cap. Heavy FB users should definitely keep this in mind." source

Now, talking about how i travel between one venue to another. im always comfortable to drive by myself (instead of grabbing uber or taking the public transport) and that is why im a loyal user of WAZE! GPS only working when you open your mobile data right? huh! so, Sunday began with me driving my family up to Genting Highlands and again, im so into sharing my routine in my social media. initiating with the morning coffee until the late-night coffee! please know that my phone only resting when the 'owner' go to bed! LOL

OK more on my Internet usage. You can see the printscreen of my Data Usage above which is obviously reaching its limit of 9Gb in total! Gosh no wonder I’m always in need to top up as the balance quota is always fail to satisfy my needs! OMG 8.3Gb only?? how can I survive when I have another half month to go??? That’s why when I saw Digi Plan, FREE UNLIMITED 4G WEEKEND INTERNET offers by Digi New Postpaid Plan is wowing me so much! im seriously and definitely need to change to this new plan. 

What else about this NEW DIGI POSTPAID PLAN ?

New Postpaid Plan RM110/MONTH
Total Internet Quota is 25Gb all day
Unlimited 4G on weekend!
Unlimited Calls - To All Networks!
Internet rollover is 3Gb....Awesomeeee!!
FREE Roaming in 5 countries; Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia and Brunei!

Well, another point that I want to highlight to all the travellers out there is the FREE ROAMING in 5 countries! Did I mention 5 countries? YES FIVE! Singapore, Brunei, Myanmar, Thailand, and Indonesia! OMG this is seriously got me though as traveling is just my favourite hobby and when you travel, the most important stuff ain't your clothes anymore, they are your Smartphone and the Internet Data! 

"When you go travel, everything will depends on your smartphone; googling the addresses, the translator, finding the info about Halal foods and of course the maps for the direction too! See… how can we live without a smartphone which comes with a good Internet Data though??
hence, the FREE ROAMING is just so Wow!"

Nah, when you travel a lot, you will ended up with overloaded photos in the phone right? fret not as this plan offers FREE 100GB for Capture apps! fyi, Capture is with an easy-to-use automatic back up system so all your precious moments are safe and secure in a full resolution! 

Besides, i have a great news to those movie freaks. this new Digi Postpaid Plan also offering FREE 60 days for Iflix! how awesome is that??? Now, you may ended being a potato coach yourself haha since the Christmas holiday is coming very soon, get your new Digi Postpaid Plan and enjoy the unlimited movies now!

So why need to be hesitate, OMG im going to nearest Digi store now!

More info here #DigiLetsInspire


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  1. Ohhh.. gituuuu~
    Digi seems to offer great deals la kan..

  2. e'in pun pengguna digi.. bestkan! hihi

    1. haha aah sy pon mmg guna digi sbnye but not this plan lah..nk kena upgrade ni! hehe

  3. mmg worth it la the plan, boleh marathon tv series byk2 =)

    1. hahhaha aah weken dok ngadap phone je la kejenye! hahaha

  4. Freee roaminggg tu bestttt!! Omg blh update instagram on time πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. Done hehehe....free roaming tu menarik

  6. Despite their unlimited 4g weekend offer, etc, etc, I have to disagree because weekend means spending more time with the person who sits beside you aka your family. Unless you travel a lot on weekend, so you need to use WAZE to navigate, then i think it would be beneficial to get this plan.

    for the data roaming, despite the countries offered quite.. mehh (i think everybody have went to this country before) (exception to people who travel a lot for business purpose), but still okay la because there's Indonesia! i think Malaysian always went to Indonesia for vacay or even for wedding doorgifts & fabrics. it's cheap! so this is a good offer. however, if compared to my current plan 80, i just need to pay rm5 for roaming.

    in this case, i'll just stick to my current plan. for me, not worthwhile at all to pay additional rm30 every month for the benefits that aren't so much difference to my current plan. besides, who's always travel frequently to the countries listed? i think we travel more in our own country since economy isn't that good.

    Digi, please suggest a more awesome plan next.

    1. hhahaha OK noted on ur weekend routine yup i agree as differ ppl differ lifestyle so i guess busy weekend is not urs though. then, i really need to agree on the fact that lot of malaysian love going to indonesia even just for a shopping purpose! so i guess this plan is extremely useful for them! HAHAHAHAH hope digi is reading ur feedback though n beneficial enough for their future plan! thanks a lot babe!!

  7. Why bising2 so much?
    I am Digirian.
    Digi is ze best!



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