Look #250 - Sky Is NOT The Limit

I don't fancy to put certain limitation to whatever im working on because i believe that our effort need to be carried out continuously until we achieved the result. well the result that assuredly will be BASED on the efforts that we've put into it. hence, Sky is NO limitation! 

I  received the lovely dress from Marnea KL in which i refused to have it at the beginning since i was feeling so low self-esteem to represent the appropriate look LOL so obviously, im just stepping into another step out of my comfort zone as this kinda dress is not really my cup of tea but hey, looking at the photos, im glad that i took the challenge though!

I fancy on how this dress able to execute my other side of modesty and sweet. the back cape is the key point of the whole garment where it covers down to the butt length. fyi i do feel a bit princessy in it HAHA as due to that light cape i guess? lol the peach version is actually much nicer but again, i've never yet wearing this kinda blue shade (call it as "Biru Nila" lol) hence, explaining the decision. you may visit them, to see more option on the colours and sizes!

 Instagram | @marnea.kl

Photographed by My Favourite Photographer ever, Ms SyazwaniChan huhu she knows my angle very well and the results always super duper nice. huhu how i wish you stay nearer babe, so that i could drag you to every event that i attended lol sadly, you are so far (tetiba rasa sedih melampau HAHA over!) i love you babe and always missing you here. insyAllah kita jumpa lagi dan lagi ye. Ukhuwah Fillah Abadan Abada amin.. :')


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  1. Baru boleh tgk hasil kerja i hehehe..mungkin i ptut resign n jadi fulltime photographer hahaha


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