Sizzling Suzai X Yusfariq Iqmal

Oh Gosh i love this shot of us so much! don't be fool by his look though as he is my little brother from other blood lines LOL a super duper nice guy, always humble, always cheeky HAHA and witty too! never change since the first time i met him hmm... i guess it was about 3 or 4 years ago?? An instafamous and A fashionista who create his own style. check him at Ig @Yusfariq or you may contact him via  +Yusfariq Iqmal im so glad knowing you dek, ye la ye la should thank Abg Hezly tu for introducing us HAHA kang mengajok plak orang tua tu! HAHA well you guys are my first Fashion buddies though how can i forget? Rindu korang #ThreeMusketeers jom dating! May this friendship last forever amin =)


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