#AereTurns2 !

beautiful people cheered for Aere :)

the fashion blogger turned founder of Aere, Raja Nadia Sabrina. siapa tak kenal kan haha
with my babe, they are instafamous tau, Syahira Zakaria, Lea Azlan and Kak Jue
yey we won the STYLING challenge! (model yg tengah! hehe) nice knowing you both Sya and Wani
this kakak is so sweet lah, hope you see this kak hehe till we meet again, insyAllah :)
with my dear Sya from www.stylebysya.com

04.12.16 | Modvier Bangsar

Happy Birthday Aere! it was a short and fun day when i was being part of the celebration, thanks guys for inviting. they were having a simple gathering of the crews, some influencers and also aere's fans to also enjoying their special discount of the day! haha and yup i got mine like 3 pieces though, OMG can't wait to share them with you guys. please be anticipated on my next lookbook yar =)


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