OWL by Nora Danish

my new MK satchel featuring ND Blossom For Us in purple

Owl is a scarf line designed by the famous and the prettiest celebrity, Nora Danish. i was so excited upon receiving the parcel as the scarf is neatly being placed in a pretty box which i forgot to take a photo of it. bad me! anyhow, the scarf comes in several designs; basic plain, fancy pattern of blossoms and even in a geometric shapes that assuredly will tackle all the hijabies out there. fyi each and every collection has their own name and specific size. 

As displayed in the photo above, this pretty shawl is from the ND Blossom For Us collection which the dimension is 173cm X 60cm. personally, i love the simplicity of the motif that comes with a little dash of purple, pink and cream. hence, its easy to be matched with any shade of your outfit. there are two other colours available to suit your taste and skin tone; Green and Orange as shown.

courtesy of Ruby.My

Here is my tooooooo simple look of wearing the shawl. haha i'm sorry as you can't see anything else than the warmer coat since the weather was extremely cold during the shot was taken! haha it was at the Bicester Village of London on my recent visit. i love the length of the shawl which obviously can cover the chest part and light enough to be packed in my overloaded travel luggage. thanks @owlbynd for completing my outfit. love it! :)

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