Korea Trip Day 4 JEJU : Innisfree Jeju House and Osulloc Tea Museum

Innisfree Jeju House (이니스프리 제주 하우스)

The rising Korean skincare and cosmetic brand, Innisfree which originally coming from Jeju. hence, visiting this place is a must! hehe well i'm specifically referring to all my girlfriends who assuredly dying to be in here. 

punya lah serius makcik ni padahal tak beli pon akhirnya! hahaha
main buat sabun lol yup need to pay for this DIY soap course
my buzz-worthy 'lost' haha the innisfree masker. if im not mistaken KRW5,000 for 1 box (5 pieces) ?
apehal ntah mamat ni tarek luggage out of nowhere as airport is far away from here. borong masker jugak ke bang? HAHA
absorbing the nature with my very best! hehe


Fyi this place is located quite far from the Seogwipo city. took about 30 minutes by taxi from the Jungmun Resort or you can also take bus No. 755 direct from Jeju International Airport which approximately will take 50 minutes to reach. the bus will stop in front of the Osulloc Tea Museum that is just besides to each other with this Innisfree House.

Operating Hours, Fees and Facilities

Open from 9am to 7pm. no fees is required to enter this flagship but of course, all the items here couldn't be found at any other Innisfree outlet and they come with a good bargain. please noted that Innisfree Cosmetic is not being sold in here which disappoint me as i was aiming to get that Cushion foundation! Oh a Cafe is available inside.

O'sulloc Tea Museum (오설록티뮤지엄)

Honestly, this place is not in our itinerary but since it just neighboring to the Innisfree House, we made our way to check whats inside. obviously, it is a museum exhibits everything about Green Tea. from the tea history, how they come to Korea, how they produce the leaves, how to make tea to the type of tea cup used lol not really captivate me though as im a Coffee Addict not a match lover! haha

there is tester for you to smell each of the tea type

Operating Hours, Fees and Facilities

Open from 9am to 6pm (last admission is 30 minutes before 6pm!). no entrance fees is required. Oh there is also a cafe inside here haha for sho they are only selling several kinda of Green Tea drinks and no coffee! well you can try on the Green Tea ice cream perhaps :)

Pricing and Types of Tea

Most expensive Green Tea i've ever bought in my life and this is for my dear boss (sebab tu boss sayang i! hahaha) well, that Gold box is KRW15,000 (RM52) and that green milk tea is KRW12,000 (RM42). total lost of RM84 for only these two! haha honestly, the price tags are quite exaggerated from my budget but since its once in a lifetime and yeah i know my boss loves Green Tea so why not? yup since the packaging is real nice, this place is good for finding special gift to bring back home.

The most fascinating about this whole green tea selection (which over 60 choices) is they even have a Espresso smell, Wow super interesting! haha always a coffee junkie but i don't have enough money to spend lol Oh finally this is the end of Jeju Travelogue, yeahhhh we are moving to Seoul!! thanks for visiting and reading guys. keep on watching this space yar :)


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  1. Hahhahahahaa.. yang mamat tu tarik luggage tu kelakarrr.. Adoi! bnyak sgt dia borong dekat innisfree tuu.. OOO.. itu la ahkak yg belanja kite Udon tuuu.. ngeehee.. terselit jugak pika tetiba time tu.. Maceh maceh

    1. lawak giler! mcm eh mamat ni sesat ke??? hahahha


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