Korea Trip Day 3 JEJU : Jeju Teddy Bear Museum

looks familiar? hehe so cute
hahaha Teha says "Bear pon dah kawen kita bila lagi noks?" HAHA
weih got Mona Lisa bear also weih haha
a fashion show freak impressed by the bear's show lol
Teha reporting her iphone to the inventor haha tu lah suka na iphone tukar Samsung la weih! haha
LOL !!!
An Elvis teddy's show walaweh! haha
a big park outside of the building but sadly it was already too dark for us to explore huhu
the most gigantic bear located outdoor yar!
anyeong haseyo!
dont forget to shop at The souvenir shop


Anyeong Haseyo!

Hey im sorry for the long hiatus as i was away traveling to Europe (yup again! hehe) surely, i am so anticipated to share that 2nd experience though let me complete this Korea travelogue beforehand. continuing my 2nd day in Jeju Island (click here for the 1st part), that night we're even got a plenty of time visiting the Teddy's museum as requested by my dear buddy who is a big fan of Teddy Bear. lol thanks for forcing me babe! hahaha

Unexpectedly i was enjoying every moment of us there, admiring and taking photos with those bears. OK lah i'd suggest you to include this place just for the sake of simple pleasure should you have any extra time on the island. give it like 1 hour atleast and be there before 8pm as noted, it closes sharp at 8pm. arasso?

How To Go? Stop at Jungmun Resort Complex by bus / Airport Limousin Bus No. 600

Duration? 1 hour and half

Fare? 8,500 won for adult

More Info? Here or Here

Please also be informed that there are several attractions at this Jungmun Resort Complex area such as Reply Believe it or Not, Chocolate Museum and yeahh Play KPOP which situated just besides each other! again, this area is at the Seogwipo City its very easy to reach by bus or straight away from Jeju Airport by taking the Limousin 600.



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  1. Anoinoinoiii.. SO cute la my sistorr. Macam bear bear tu jugakk :P


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