Korea Trip Day 4 JEJU : Hiking Jeju Olle Trail 7 Review


First of all, im sorry for mixing up those fashion updates with this sequence of Korea Travelogue. as in the tittle, this is the 4th Day which the previous post of 1st Day in Busan Click here and 1st Day in Jeju Click here already written passionately for you guys hehe

Fyi one of the must-do activity in Jeju is sightseeing while HIKING! Jeju is all about nature, hence there is few ways to enjoy it and one of it is experiencing this series of walking trails named as "Jeju Olle Trail". this trail is inclusive of 26 routes (21 main routes and 5 sub-routes) which technically it is circling around the island as shown on the below map. 

We decided to go for the Route 7 after some deep consideration since not much people has blog bout it (based on Mr google!) so, we were so eager to see whats hidden along the way by our own naked eyes. and yep so that i'd able to share this full review in here. hopefully it helps! :)

Basically, Route 7 begin at "Oedolgae Rock" and ends at the "Weolpyeong Village". this is the detailed attractive spots that you could stumble along the way. these "check point" are crucial in order to ensure you are on the right path

Distance : 14.7 km (but as counted, we're actually walked about 16km in total!)
Difficulty : Medium
Duration : 4-6 hours
Facilities along route 7 : Cafes, Restaurants (non-halal) and also Restroom are available! 

Apart of acknowledging all those places listed, you are highly recommended to follow the "Jeju Olle Signpost" which guiding you on the whole journey. there are in the terms of

- "Blue Arrow" drawn on the road or on the rocks
- "Blue and Yellow Ribbons" being tied on the trees (usually above eyes level)
- The main actor, that Blue "Jeju Pony" statue or local named it as "Ganse"

Click Here for detailed description. OK Lets start our journey, AJA AJA HWAITING!

This is the starting point. as mentioned Olle Trail 7 initiated at one of Jeju's famous tourist attraction, Oedolgae Rock as you can see on the photo as in the background. fyi the second photo is at the Dombenang-gil road which you can still view the Oedolgae Rock from here.

This is One of the most loved point on the route 7, the Subong-ro, a once-narrow path for goats to pass through. This path was named after Kim Su-bong, who only used a shovel and a pick to make the path wider so that people can use it. bow!

We're quite disappointed to see this refurbishment at one of the most beautiful scenery of Route 7 yet in the same time we are very impressed looking at how intricate and well-buit of the trail's construction. i believe the life span is very high (20 years perhaps? haha) looking at the concrete foundation of those stairs. working as a humble engineer in the construction field, well i can't deny the fact that this part excites me though! anyhow, its very convenient as they've prepared the temporary trail on the side :)

I can't exactly recall it but this was after like 2 hours and half of walking?? the seaside view after we passed through a mandarin farm, resident area and the boring roadside. this tree pedestrian is simply pretty. ok honestly, i was suddenly imagining Las Vegas in my mind hahaha 

Oh oh i really love this seaside trail. Another most-loved spot of Jeju Olle Trail 7 is "Ilgangjeong Badang Olle" where include walking on the rough rocky roads. Oh i still remember the feeling, it was carefree, stress-free (haha as both of us are workaholic!) and very peaceful looking at the wide ocean and the sparkling water reflecting the sun's light. Subhanallah amazing creation from our Creator!  

Just another highlighted spot of Route 7, Gangjeong Port. To those who are not familiar with Korean culture, please know that this statue is symbolizing "Haenyeo" literally means "Sea women" which refers to the famous Jeju female divers (or we called it as Ajumma divers hehe). they are so admirable as these ajumma only wearing wetsuit, goggles, gloves, chest weights (to assist diving) an L-shaped weeding hoe and a net attached to a floatation device diving in the cold ocean for 5 to 6 hours and even able to go until 30m deep! nomu Daebak!!!

This is my next favourite spot. yup another seaside trail after we walked about 3 hours? they have prepared a beautiful track with the Blue line as the guidance for you. the wind is quite strong in here but obviously, photo fail to project it. got lot of beautiful chalets and hotels overlooking the seaview along this path. sadly, lot of them are abandoned. huhu

Eventually, we stop here for our lunch break after like 4 hours of non-stop walking. i believe this place should be called as "Pungrim Seaside Post Office" also one of the check point. Oh talking about the foods, to all the hikers (moreover if you are Muslim) please prepared your lunch box beforehand (we cook this Nasi Goreng Cina at our home hehe) as it is more convenient. undeniable, you can find few cafes and Non-Halal restaurants along the way but with your own foods, you may freely enjoy it anywhere you wanted whilst absorbing the nature :)

OMG pardon on my super dehydrated and super annoying facial expression! the thing is we're missing out the last check point which is the "Wolpyeong Village Awaenangmok" although we have actually already found the Wolpyeong Busstop and we assume that should be the end (forgot to take photo, gosh im so silly!) but we didn't exactly seeing any signpost of that "Jeju pony" statue. so, we kept on walking and walking and walking for another hour and finally reaching the Jeju World Cup Stadium and that "Yakchunsa Temple" behind me.

Well thats it! as these both are merely, the starting point of Olle Trail Course 8! nope, we're not looking for the next trail haha as we're already super exhausted after almost 6 hours of walking, thus we're decided that this is the end and we're aiming to catch the next attraction before it close by 7pm. so we took taxi and directly go to the Innisfree house which is like 30 minutes from here.

Overall, i love this new experience and personally, i'd rank Route 7 as satisfying although it claims to be one of the most visited trail among the 21 routes. i could say that the whole route is 50% seaside and 50% roadside which is boring. i'm not sure if other trails are almost the same distribution but i was expecting more seaview. hehe

Gosh finally im done completing this post!! it took me about 3 weeks and now, im super sleepy as it was already 3:35am....i really hope this detailed review is helping for those who search for this. thanks guys for visiting and reading. Good luck on your journey. Fighting! :)

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