Sizzling Suzai X Hanie Hidayah

By Sunday, March 27, 2016

Oh gosh,my face is super funny! we bumped on several events before but this photo was taken on the last few weeks ago. I bet she and her blog Average Jane are familiar to you though. honestly i used to stalk her blog but since nowadays, she is more focusing on the WhatEverThereWas a collective of travelogs, well i move on to that too. haha the page is so inspiring and my ultimate crush is on their video. sangat killer weih! i always hoping that i could drag a personal photoG and VideoG whenever i go on travel huhu....well check 'em guys, you won't regret :)


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  1. Yezzaaa, Hanie Hidayah maintain je kann.. I used to stalk her blog jugak.. I wish she active macam duluuu.. Teehee~

  2. my favourite blogger all the time! my lady crush jugak ni. OMG, nak jumpa Hanie Hidayah jugak! Hahahaha


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