The Picnic Table, Kota Damansara

The Picnic Table by Simply Sandwich | The Strand, Kota Damansara 
Operation Hours | Tue til Fri : 8.30am-8pm Sat & Sun : 9am–8pm Mon : Close

Nah "The Picnic Table" cafe proudly bringing a new concept of dining to Malaysian. as the name stated, this is the first Malaysia's indoor picnic cafe serves only the healthy foods! well, you can choose to dine on the wooden table or seat on the 'grass' which is so comfortable and clean. the first thing came into my mind was this place is good for kids as they can running and rolling around whilst enjoying their foods. yeah you know how hard to make those kids to eat! lol haha why am i sound like a mom to dozen of child?! muahaha yup will bring my nephews to here...insyAllah :)

always my favourite!
i'd definitely gonna get this one again!

Undeniably, their specialty is making great sandwich. they have Smoked Salmon, Garlic Butter Prawn, Beef & Chicken Salami, BBQ Chicken and Sauteed Mushroom for you to pick! every details of the ingredient is delicate. you can taste the BBQ chicken perfectly grilled in between the breads and salads. well don't forget to try on their best selling menu, the Garlic Butter Prawn! 

Besides sandwiches, they are also having plenty choice of pasta such Bolognese spaghetti, Aglio Olia spaghetti and introducing its new menu Aglio Olio Soft Shell Crab Pasta. yup one crab for one serving! OMG im salivating now as throwing back the taste of that soft shell crab. idk how to describe it but you can taste the marinated flour at each bite and yeah that crab is fresh and super soft, please don't leave any shell on the plate yar haha as you can eat all part of the crab. Gosh you really need to try this menu!!

From left; Nannie, Kak Ju, Abg Maha and Abg Kiddo yg snagat best! til then guys :)
Nannie as the MC of the day, great job babe! :)
The inspiring founders; Shaheera and Sharin. it was really nice knowing you guys!

Congratulation The Picnic Table for your very 1st anniversary! i was actually invited to be part of the celebration and it was such an overwhelming day. well, we know that "hipster" cafe is now blooming like a mushroom and its not easy to sustain even for a year! big applause to the TPT therefore, a fresh and unique concept is A Must and i believe The Picnic Table will go further in this industry and i pray for your more success in the future amin.. ;')

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