How To Shop Shoes For Women

Shoes is indeed a woman's bestfriend. i reckon all women should have atleast 2 pairs in the wardrobe and countless pairs if she is a fashion conscious err like me?! lol well despite the brands, all shoes are looking so alluring on any woman's sight and the worst if they are on sale! haha hence, let me share some tips on How to shop shoes for women :)

1) Knowing exactly what kinda shoes that you really want or need. set your mind before you reach the store and stick to it! Just because some shoes are for sale doesn’t mean you need them

 2) This is so far the hardest thing to do, never go astray from the budget! Err

3) A fashion stylist once advised to recommend shopping shoes at the end of the day. This is because once your feet have been moving; your shoes will fit better and would be more comfortable for you as well

4) If you can’t walk in it, don’t buy it. Understanding your ability. that sky-high 4 inch heels might look fab but if you can’t wear it comfortably, save your money and get something practical instead

5) Spend on the soft and flexible material not just on the design!

6) Try atleast 3 sizes before you decide. Always allow sufficient space, at least half an inch, for your longest toe while you are standing up

7) Once it fit, walk around the shop! make sure when you try them on your feet will not trip up and down while you walk and yeah think about wearing the socks if it is a sport shoes

8) my own tip for a sky-high heels is a bulky platform and large heels (instead of pointed) for a better balancing and less pain! lol

9) Colour? black and nude are always the basic hue every wardrobe should have

10) Be extra, think about showstopper if you are a so-called fashionista lol 

Ahakss however always remember to STICK with the plan A hehehe Good Luck!


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