How To Create My Smokey Winged Look

01 F21 Brushes
02 SilkyGirl Eyebrows Pencil (Dark Brown)
03 Etude House Play 101 Pencil (later will give you the number, mianhae!)
04 SEPHORA Long Lasting kohl Pencil (highly recommended!)
05 AVON Simply Pretty Compact Powder
06 Benefit Boiing Concealer
07 SEPHORA Eyeshadow (Dark Black)
08 SEPHORA Rouge 4006A Carnival
09 FBO Sun Block (Green base)
10 Body Shop Vitamin C (Primer)
11 Urban Decay Naked Skin Liquid Foundation (Shade 05)
12 Mineral Base Blusher

Oh gosh this is my very first time sharing my selfie in this page and yeah this BIG! haha im so sorry for the SMUDGED Eyebrows and Eyeliners huhu Humbly admit that i am no a beauty expert. i used minimal items and should say only the basic necessaries on everytime im doing my makeup:

Concealer (since to hide those stubborn pimples, dark spots and scars!)
Powder (normally its a Body Shop Mineral Compact Powder)
Black Eyeliners
Black Eye shadow
Eyebrows Pencil

and yep without fake eyelashes (i've never worn it my entire or even a mascara! or any other shade of the eye shadow errr....its not because i want to save HAHA it just that i don't really familiar with them. truthfully, i do really need to thank my beauty blogger friend whos making me start playing with that eyebrows, otherwise it gonna be naked lol im sorry for disturbing your sight with my MESSY eyebrows as im still learning and trying my best to sharpen my skill lol HAHA idk why does its real hard for me to draw it like a pro? lol (T.T) still fail......

Hence, i am ONLY a smokey and winged expert! HAHA thats it, thanks for reading :)


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  1. still cantik laaaa~ Never had the gut to pull off this kind of look. I mean, I never actually darken my lower lash so prettily like that. hehe need to start practicing doing my brows too!

    Mira |

    1. alaa tq yang hahhaha i pon x pakai macam ni if im not going to attend any glam parteyhh at NIGHT! bcz u know right night makeup usually need to be heavier if compared with a day kinda look yg lbh mcm soft2 natural2 gtuh..hehe hence i focusing on the eyes only lahhh kan lain fail!


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