Sunnies Top Fur Jacket and Bracelet from Balmain X H&M / Pants from H&M

Sunglass 149 | Top 399 |  Jacket 399 | Bracelet 269

Juxtaposition; two things being placed together resulting a contrasting effect! enormously glamourous and exceedingly rich, this third look of Balmain X H&M is totally a new me! i was even stunned looking at the reflection of myself Auch! well, i was dying to try on that top which comes with a heavy rope and gold detailing ever since i saw it in the lookbook. nevertheless it fatter me a bit yet the exquisite detailing extruding high fashion vibe to the wearer, INSTANTLY.

Next, what else should i comment on that fur jacket? the combination is sublime and well-screaming Balmain house! i fancy the gradient shade of the fur instead of a blank black on another piece (not in the photo) thank gaaaddd even that bracelet is very much alluring! it is no light, it is heavy as it looks and thats explaining the price tag. every little piece of this collection is debonair as same goes with the sunglass with gold detailing. its not hard to look hot though!  ;)


#Balmaination will be AVAILABLE on TOMORROW 5 November 15 only in Lot 10 and Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur.

Styling by SizzlingSuzai
Photographed by YusfariqIqmal
Edited by SizzlingSuzai


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