Look #209 - Addicted to Black

Top Boots and Ring from HM / Skirt via Catalogued / Traditional Silver Belt / Purse from Mecca / Watch from Swatch

First of all, sorry for the super bad photos as these are the only shot that i have! goshhh what a waste as i am absolutely loving the whole look here; the outfit, the makeup and even both items are never yet being shown in this page. that Flair Skirt is from Caviar KL via Catalogued Boutique in Bangi Sentral. got it at RM120 and my utmost liking is the pocket on both sides which it was my long wishlist. assuredly will wear it again and shoot better photos :')

That Top is from HM. i don't really remember but i guess it was sold at only RM40. i have this thing in my mind, 'bling bling' always able to inject glam vibe to the whole look. nowadays, its not a fault to go overboard wearing 'bling bling' from head to toe but yeah some people works it out but some just not. hahaha do an experiment then!

Another apology as i didn't even zoom in on the Belt. its a traditional bridal wear which i got from a bridal boutique with only RM10. i've been waiting to wear it since my last purchase on last year lol thankk gaaaad it goes well with this whole outfit. huhu will try my best to show it on the next time wearing it yar. another highlight is the Purse which my mom brought it during her umrah. this beauty is so exclusive and elegant. thanks mom, you really know how to shop! haha

Photographed by YusfariqIqmal


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