BBQ Buffet Dinner with Steamboat at Kontiki The Federal Hotel

photo courtesy of ProjekTravel

Kontiki Restaurant | The Federal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Last Friday night, i was having a delectable dinner at Kontiki and gosh, it was super blast! i was so famish since coming all the way from works and yeah being stuck in a horrible traffic jam of KL was not a joke but once i stepped into the restaurant, my mood turned out to be so fascinated over the wide spread of the buffet and the most exciting is the sea of the seafood choices, its kicking and even those tiger prawns are still alive! 

Offering a special Weekend BBQ Buffet Dinner which now comes with a steamboat! feast into its wide choices over freshest seafood (which inclusive yabbies, crabs, shell mussels and yeah fresh oyster!), a perfectly barbequed choice cuts of (beef steak, lamb cutlet, sausage, chicken and skewered meats)

The scrumptious buffet also offering varieties of local and continental savouries (which inclusive Japanese Sushi & Sashimi, Thai green chicken curry, Braised chicken with oyster sauce, Chicken rice, Lamb stew, Beef kurma, plenty choice of Kerabu, Buttered veggies OMG seriously the list is countless and even i failed to capture each of it! im sorry those photos are not even half of the spreads!

For those with a sweet tooth, check the signature dessert such as assorted mini French pastry, few number of pudding, traditional malay kuih-muih, cakes and assorted jelly in cup. each of it were being created perfectly, my favourite would be the cheese tart (cliche! lol) and this strawberry rouled. 

TIKI BBQ Buffet Dinner with Steamboat

| ONLY Friday & Saturday
| 6.30pm to 10.00pm
| RM128 nett per adult
| RM78 nett per child and senior citizen
| Call for booking 03 2148 9166

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