Mercedes Benz STYLO #AsiaFashionWeek Malaysia Fashion Week 2015 - ZLEQHA

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Malaysia Fashion Week 2015 | 051115 | Matrade, Kuala Lumpur

Brought to you by Mercedes Benz and STYLO AsiaFashionWeek. Gosh i couldn't get rid of the tops, they are so aesthetically stunning! Zleqha named this showcase as Classic Kurung Saree Collection. well, i fancy the bold colours featured and the modest cutting displayed which i guess they were very much inspired by a Malay traditional wear 'Baju Kurung Pahang' perhaps?? undeniably, its easy to look 'expensive' in it.

It such a waste for not dropping by at their booth during the event as now i don't really know on how and where to get this piece besides their FB page as stated below. anyhow, Congratulation Zleqha and i pray for your more success in future. amin.. :)

Official page Zleqha

Photographed by SizzlingSuzai


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