My First VSteam at Celebrity Wax and Beauty Salon

Oh goshhh the title is LOL hahaha so Fashion, Beauty and Health are just a great combo which every girl should love. well i do include visiting the Spa in my monthly routine for the sake of pampering myself. ah you know the basics stuff of massage, scrub and sauna yet i have never once try this V-steam treatment. thanks my dear Tan for invited and yup introduced me this intimate treatment. 

V Steam (V Ratus Spa) Treatment

This ancient treatment brings heat to the womb, stimulate circulation to the pelvis and to cleanse, tone, nourish, detox, tightening and heal the vaginal tissues tujuan kebersihan, memanaskan rahim, mengurangkan odor, membantu mengetatkan (tighthening), detox, membantu peredaran darah, mengharumkan Miss V dan mengurangkan keputihan. Mayan healers and midwives (1000 BC) used this healing practice known as “Bajos”  (Spanish word that translates to Vaginal Steam Bath). 

Traditional Korean healers used this healing method (“Chai-yok”) to aid women with chronic fertility issues and to maintain healthy fertility. Centuries ago in Africa, elder women tribes would bury holes in the dirt, place barks and herbs in the hole, light them, and have young women squat over the steam. We begin this treatment with a 20 mins massage of your lower abdomen in order to relax the muscles around it and followed by 30 mins of steaming on our comfortable vaginal treatment chair.

My Verdict

Undeniably i felt fresh! it was seriously so calming as during the steaming of 30 minutes i fell asleep LOL ok don't really know was it because i was too dehydrated (coming back from works!) or perhaps, this treatment is definitely soothing and very relaxing that possessed me to sleep haha yet i define them as a GOOD effect to my whole body (again, because its relaxing!). 

Ooh before you go into the steaming process, GOSHHHHH i warn you that the lower body (V area) massage is NO JOKING! sakit giler giler although im used to this massage thingy yet this part has never yet being focused. thats probably be the reason (i guess!) but still you need to go through it as it soften all those muscles, so that the steaming works well.

The steaming is NOT USING any chemical stuff as it is a traditional mix of 10 kinda Herbs. some of them are Lavendar, Rosemary, Oregano, Basil, Fenugreek, Mugwort Well, should not be worried as i do always feel that herbs odor is tranquil. nah, they also mixing it with Lavender LOL my favourite! i believe each of it has their own power. anyhow MASSAGE + V Steam is RM88 

Other Facilities

pedicure and menicure

Honestly, everything under one roof is just so brilliant! well imma Hijabi who is not allowed to expose the hair in a public. so, i guess this is soooo convenient for us to walk from room to another and settling every treatment without need to cover (whats need to be covered Lorh!) hahaha sorry if you didn't get it but hahaha i'm just so particular about this one. again, THANKS Tan for the treats and i'm so glad that the staff are so so friendly and welcoming! yup will make another visit soon yar :)

C E L E B R I T Y  W A X  &  B E A U T Y ,  B - 1 - 2 0 ,  P E L A N G I  S Q U A R E ,  P E L A N G I  D A M A N S A R A ,  P J  
Operation Hour : Everyday 10am to 7pm by appoinment JEL  :  012-6636220


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