Europe Trip: Disneyland Paris (Photo Diary)

yeahhh finally got a photo with the Mickey and hey, im your Minnie! hehe
The chic Disney Hotel that connected with the Disneyland Park.

our lunch + dinner ! 


Nothing much i could ramble on this part 5, the very last part of my Paris travelog. it just that we spent the whole 1 day rejoicing the fairy land of Disneyland. noted that Paris Disneyland is inclusive of 2 differ parks which is Disneyland Park or the one that we pick is the Walt Disney Studio Park. it costs us 65 approx. RM260.00 per person for 1 park. check here for more details and purchase. yup its better to buy the tix online to avoid any inconvenient. no worry validity of the pass is 1 year from the purchased date!

My solid reason of opting the Studio Parks instead of the Disneyland Park is i've been to the HK's and based on the official page, the rides are quite the same plus i was sooooooo anticipated to try on the Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror attraction which located in the Studio Park LOL. hahaha and hell yeahhhh i do enjoy it so much!!! never yet i forget any moment of it, the intensity and the adrenaline rush of it! the one that everybody should ride atleast once in a lifetime hehe if ever you gotta chance, do it! Alhamdulillah on my side :) anyhow, watch this clip to get that 'excitement'! heh heh heh

Assuredly we fail to enjoy on some of the rides yet i should say we still manage to cover 60% of the main attractions. we even gotta chance relishing the new ride of Ratatouille. sadly, it was raining during the evening and we're also freaking famish and dying for our lunch+dinner just before the park close at 8p.m. overall, i have so much of fun and this is always gonna be a memorable moment in my life. so, HK checked! Paris checked! still a long way to go insyAllah :)

Photographed by SizzlingSuzai and FarahYusuf.

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