Look #173 - Royal

with my Dearest Kesayangan Mama Eton :)
with my truthfully beloved babe Miss Wanna. thanks for always there :)

Salam and Happy Sunday!

"And we'll never be royals, It don't run in our blood, That kinda of luxe just ain't for us" Royals by Lorde

Sorry for such tittle haha as that is what coming to my mind when looking at these shots. the grand staircase, the shinning material from my dress and the yellowish lighting. err although i hate looking at this blurred photos yet still THANKS A LOT both my mom and my babe for helping me to snap this #ootd. seriously, love you guys from the deep of my heart! :)

Juts a quick ramble on the outfit here. again wearing that kaftan that i got from my Jakarta friend long time ago, you can check the old blogpost of #MyLookBook here as i posted once. anyhow, this time i pair it with that mermaid skirt by Amin Jauhary which always helping to slimmer and slander my petite shape. Oh that chic clutch is just soooo admirable, how can i stop loving and decking it? btw, hey guys, thanks for reading. till then!


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