How To Get The Nandos Make Friend Ajak Ayam 50% Off ?!

By Tuesday, March 10, 2015 ,

 haahha i know that i look like hosting a Hari Raya Open House one LOL XD

Again, i reckon that some of you might already annoyed by bunch of Nando's photos of in my IG LOL hahaha nah the full story is finally here! Nando's is so awesome for allowing me to throw a parteyyy with my dearest friends here. i was actually looking forward to meet each of them but surely time constraint and budgetary are the main concern HAHA. so, the genius idea from Nando's has solved it when i gotta chance to gather all of them in one time and even saved a lot when i should only pay half of the bill!

Well actually this brilliant idea is a win-win situation between them and us, the customer. this is Nando's new campaign called as Nando's Make Friends Project via Basically the vision is to give you the chance to gather all the old-busiest friends and having a nice dining in Nando's with a 50% off the total bill!

Yup ANYBODY is eligible to get the voucher. easy peasy, all you need to do is visit the page and invite your friends via FB and make sure ATLEAST 6 of them should ACCEPT the invitation or otherwise you fail to download the 50% voucher as followed.

Noted that this voucher already been used and you can just present the code via your smartphone 

Thanks dear Nora, ALL MY BELOVED FRIENDS here who making their time receiving my invitation and of course, Nandos MY for the foods! Hey their Caramel Cheese Cake is definitely an addictive one. hahaha make sure include it in your order OK =D


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  1. Bestnyaaaaa.... Nak try jugaklah, Thanks for the info kak Suzai

  2. haha..update pun dia..;)
    thanks Suzai belanja.


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