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Salam and Happy Sunday! :)

OLAY White Radiance (Brightening Night Cream)
My second time purchased and i'd definitely so excited to continuing my beauty-night-routine with it. i believe it works well on me although not resulted in a swift time yet it works and affordable!

Beauty Time Gold Mask (Peel Off)
Its been a while that i've been searching for a liquid mask. my only reason is that the peel-off masker is costly because per sheet is like RM5 and above (the one in Watsons! lol). thus, this one tube is sold at RM19.90 and its a peel-off when it dries, perfecto! got at the jamu2 kedai lol and based on the salesperson, this product is their hot selling item. well, i'm not sure on that fact but so far, i do love it!

Unbranded Lips Brush
My brushes collection is lack of the lips brush lol. Got at the same shop and it is RM9.90. well, im not a beauty junkie so i don't really fancy the brands.

The Body Shop All-In-One Base Double Foundation (06)
This is the only compact powder that i trust to be included in my beauty pouch. its a mineral based and its not oily which means absolutely suits the oily/sensitive skin like mine. it just need to be re-apply after few hours being exposed to the sunlight. its being sold at RM75 and surprisingly, i just check the price on yesterday and now its become RM113. omg like what??!! GST is not being implemented lagi kot. stupid!

Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover
honestly, quite pricey on my side as that 125ml is sold at RM35 yet it cleans well, so i guess it worth the Ringgit!

Nano White Refining Treatment Toner
Another trusted brand which i constantly stock up every 3-5 months. they says its better to apply this refining toner before any serum/night moisturiser cream for better absorption! 

Nano White Awakening Snow Wash
I'm actually using the scrub cleanser but just wanna have this smooth cleanser in between. you can ready my full verdict of this Nano White product on the sidebar in which it works well with the sensitive skin (Oh again, like mine!)

Maybelline Baby Lips (Coral Flush)
Oh loving the orange hue of it so much. the colour is not really bold yet enough to moisture the lips and giving some shade to the lips.

Thanks for reading and Happy Resting! :)


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  1. agree! those foundations of bodyshop aere amazing!



  2. wahhh! baguih2..slow-slow nanti makin banyak la collection akak..teehee~


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