Look #176 - The Interpretation of Fashion Anarchy

F21 Jacket / MONKI tartan shirt / Bershka jeans / Vincci heels / Zalora sling bag / HM ring

When there is a theme in one event, i do always trying the very best to define it in my own way. nah, last night event of the Opening of Mercedes-Benz STYLO Fashion Grand Prix 2015 is set to be a 'Fashion Anarchy' click here for event blogpost. well, based on the description given by the organizer and through my research, its something to do with punk; leather, metals, studded, some say tartan prints, some others think about bikers yet i'd say Mohawk, heavy smokey eyes and rebellious!

Thank gaaadddd as that leather jacket is just too perfect! got it from Forever 21 long time ago with only RM50 (clearance stock pricing). super duper worthy! then, MONKI tartan shirt making its 1st appearance in here. splurge it at RM100 and still thinking that its quite pricey though the material is great. just another Bershka jeans which look alike with another one yet its comfy to the max and did i mentioned that got it at only RM49 ??! Oh another highlight should be the sling bag that comes with a metal chain which is again, just too perfect for the theme!

Photographed by HezlyTom and Edited by SizzlingSuzai


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