Lokk #177 - Mystique Of A Night

 Satin Scarf / MONKI Sweater / Uniqlo Shirt / Unbranded Tutu Skirt / F21 Clutch and Ring / Samsung Gear

Oh i do love these shots so much. well, someone comments on my IG asking why am i looking so serious? LOL may i ask her/him back why are you so serious? come on, this is just for the sake of blending the mode and outfit to create a great finishing. LOL got it?!

Anyhow describing upon this whole look, i'd say that the TUTU SKIRT is the highlight. please be ready to drop your jaw as i got it at a vendor in Uptown Kota Damansara with only RM35! freaking amazing huh?! noted that i am always so glad to share the pricing especially on the unexpected one. why buying with high price when you can get it with a cheap price?? 

Photographed by LinaZahra and Edited by SizzlingSuzai


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