Matta Fair 2014 Review and Tips

Hey Traveler,

I was at the Matta fair on the previous 15th March 2014 and this is honestly through my perspective. it was my very first visiting with an intention of planning my next vacation. huhu dem excited and well-prepared with my loyal travel buddy, Miss Tia. hahaha sorry we just don't have time to selfie since we're too busy to get the BESTest deal!

As a first timer, i am not really qualified myself yet anyhow, i am so aroused to share my own experience. hopefully, this could still do some helps, i would be so glad then! so, here we go

Definitely a right place for you to get a GOOD deal of travel package, air tickets, cruise package or even any local attractions. fyi those travel agencies got a special rate from the airlines, hotels and etc etc which absolutely be a main reason why you should purchase from them instead of you go online and buy it by yourself.

As also highly recommended by other travel blogs, do your research beforehand. its crucial as you will gotta see the figure and perhaps can do some great forecasting on your total budget. we're well-known that an air tix to London/Manchester is around RM3000 figure but in the same time, we also known that it can go down to RM2,800. after like walking around, asking and pondering for hours, we're successfully got it for ONLY RM2600+ (inc tax) !! what a deal! (Errr...i'm revealing my next trip here huhu)

Its very important to set your target first; where to go and whats your planning? backpacking or looking for tour guide trip? STICK on searching to the offers for the place that you're heading to and ignore the others because sure you will be drooled over it which might change your mind and eventually you are lari from the early budget lorh.

Oh sure you will be like lusting over all the crazeyy offers! you're eyes will be like rounded looking at those low fares of packages and air tix. example; ONLY RM800 4D3N to Beijing or ONLY RM1,600 fly to London! check the package as sure its not inclusive of air flights and hey, that air tix is NOT YET inc all the tax and blah blah which will be an additional of RM1,200 only for all the taxes! so, the final total is RM2,800 lah jugak kan~

Well, credit given to this otai of travel blog haha Mr David Jr as i also learned a lot when i did my research previously. noted that the flyers and brochures will generously being distributed and plus the lusting offers will also being put in a BOLD and colourful papers hanging here and there. you'd be like so pening and confuse after like just 30 minutes strolling around the hall! haha and plus they even used some terms that might confuse you even more. so here are some of it

*This is totally depending on my understanding, so correct me if i'm wrong yar!

Ground Only : INC hotels, might or might not INC meals but EXC air flight tix in the package
Free & Easy : almost the same INC hotels and entrance fees for the attractions (with your own choice of date to visit) but also EXC air flight tix in the package. well, this is based on my conversation with one couple who bought this package to HongKong
Cruise Package : check where it depart, if Singapore/HK/Phuket other country usually and definitely EXC flight tix. yup you'll also need to think bout transportation from KL to Penang if depart from that island too.
MUSLIM Package : can see it everywhere and the target is to all those China states, HK, Korea and those Asean country which sounds like hard to find Halal foods. Yup a travel package focusing on providing the Halal meals for the whole journey.

Just remember to be clear of the deals like 5D4N to HongKong only RM2,300! does it inc return air flight? transportation to airport? what hotels? HK disneyland entrance fees? what else inc? 

* fyi i spent approx. RM2000 during my 'backpacking' visit to HK (inc return flights, accommodation, HK disneyland, other attractions fees and train tourist pass for 3d2n. click here for the blogpost)

* fyi we also got return air tix to Krabi ONLY for RM200+. Well it can actually get much more lower than this but our travel period was just like 2 weeks after the purchased. So, its better to find a good date to ensure you'd get a good price too. Yup another soooo important gist is please AVOID peak season! =.=

I must say i am 100% prefer to just bringing the CREDIT CARD instead of cash. Errr do you mind to drag like thousand ringgit at that crowded place? it is undoubtedly INSECURE and INCONVENIENT! no worry i guess all the booths are accepting credit card and debit card as the payment plus you might just need to pay only the deposit but you could also settle all the total bills. its your choice!

Well besides the reason that by afternoon the crowd already becoming crazier and messier, you will definitely need extra time to walk around, seek for the best, pondering, go walking around again, re-thinking, waiting for the empty seat, deciding, waiting again for the payment process and finally get your receipt! we're actually arrived there at 10:30 a.m which still less people but finally got our BESTest deal and settled only at 4p.m! yup no lunch and breakfast and we're super famish after done! a super tiring day and its like a war LOL hahaha

Oh oh this is absolutely an essential stuff and please do donwload all the crucial apps beforehand. you'll need it to check the current cheapest air tix, the info on the place that you're heading to, calculator?? and etc etc.

some usable mobile apps: skyscanner , air asia , MHmobile , Agoda , TripAdvisor

Don't rush to jump on the decision. yup the promoters will do their job. its very OK to sit and ask on anything that wonder you although later not deciding on it. peeps, its your money and you have the rights!

HUH this post made me sleep at 4:30 am (current time) so i wish i could lend some hand to the first timer as well. Good Luck on your hunting and Happy Flying! thanks for reading :)

Official Matta Fair web here and info courtesy of

KRABI, THAILAND (pending post huhu)
BALI, INDONESIA (coming very soon)
LONDON - PARIS (hehehe yeahh coming also!)


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