Wishlist : Backpack

I love it: roomy enough, boyish and zippers!

I love it: design, gold, design and gold. gosh i just fallen in love with all the MCM's design!

I love it: multifunctional, front pouch and zippers!

I love it: noncomplex, kinda drawstring shape and easy! 

I love it: gold, roomy, bulky and comfy (the strap!)

Salam and hey, i'm back with fashion! :)

haha yet this is still related with traveling. please know that my favourite kinda travel is city! haha so i'd definitely need to expect lot of walks, walk and walk again! LOL hence a backpack is one of an essential item to pack my overloaded belongings.

Why a backpack? because its so practical, roomy enough to put my Canon EOS550D inside it together with other stuff; purse, Note 3, passport, notebook, pen, sunnies, makeup/toiletry pouch and so on and so forth.

I was actually stumbled upon this Shopbop which featuring all my wishlist here. feel free to help me to decide and thanks though for reading.

And the list continue.....


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