MARY KAY TimeWise Plus+™ Volu-Fill Wrinkle Corrector

Salam and Hello Monday! :(

This cast away wrinkles cream is formulated to visibly impact all 6 wrinkle zones; forehead, between the brows, around eyes and lips, smile lines and marionette lines that can frame your mouth from nose to chin!

Thanks to the power of retinol and the exclusive Volu-fill complex inside it which delivers the following benefits:

- Deliver immediate and long-term benefits
- Visible impacts all this 6 wrinkle zones
- Majority showed a decrease in the visible length, width and depth of wrinkles after use
- Immediately fills and visibly plumps wrinkles
- Targets deeps wrinkles with retinol, minimizing appearance over time

More info here

Yup i am aiming to also share the review of it as based on my reading, you could already see the result after like 3 weeks! huhu please stay tune people and thanks for reading. :)


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