KRABI Day 1 : 7 Islands Trip and Sunset Ending

Salam and hey traveler! :)

This vacay was on the last April as far as i remember. will share you the full itinerary together with the cost. so, got the flight ticket at only RM200+ (return) and with the mission of overall budget not more than RM600. 

We reached the Ao Nang beach which also situated the main town of Krabi. took about 45 minutes from the airport and cost 600 THB / trip. 

We opted for a beautiful Anyavee Ao Nang Bay Resort and Spa which is a 3 star hotel that cost us 430 THB for 2 nights instead of other lousy backpacking hotels. later will reveal the room and hotel in separate post yar. location is approximately 5 minutes walk to the beach.

So, here are the look of the town which is so happening with endless raw of shops. selling food (yup can find Halal logo here and there), souvenirs, local crafts and the most crucial one is bunch of booths which selling the 'island trip', snorkeling package and other tourist attractions.

Yup no need to early booking those packages as it is so convenient. all you have to do now is bargain for the best price and decide. anyhow, i'd say the prices are all almost the same. here are some figure for your planning:

7 islands trip - 725 THB (1pm to 8.30pm)
Phi Phi Tour (Maya beach) - 1,000 THB (tomorrow's planning)

* Price is including snorkeling equipment and dinner/lunch. 

forgot the name of this island. but its quite huge. got few number of hotels/cafe in here.
Tup Island where two small islands is connected.
obviously, chicken island.
rock climbing the cliff and jump onto the deep sea. really interesting but err i didn't do it! hehe

yup, we did stop at all the 7 islands. not really remember each of it but so far we just enjoying the day sightseeing, swimming and snorkeling (which i was not fancy the coral as much as i do at the Perhentian Island).  nothing excite me that much until..

Poda Island and that trademark rock.

Our second last stop was having the dinner at this Poda island. white sand, blue clear water and a stunning sunset port. well, don't ask me about the foods as for me it was delicately scrumptious as i was extremely famish. haha see the overloaded plate above LOL

Nah. witnessing this sunset was one of the best memory in my life. the experience is FREAKING AMAZING and beyond words! i don't know how to define it but it is definitely the most astonishing ending of a day. Subhanallah.. :) yup even photos can't really tell it and there was a fire show before we depart to the last stop.

Finally, an unique experience is when i've got to swim with the famous 'glow in the dark' cacophony. it is kinda plankton that only will glows when the water is moving, you'd see the tiny-tiny blue-greenish light whenever you waving the hands to swim! see this vid to be clearer on what i really meant huhu thanks dude for the vid.

The highlight on the night-walk here is that local food calling as Pancake. i chose the banana+cheese inside with the milk topping. dem i am salivating now looking at the pic! yup its simply good yet i think it would taste so much better if the dough is a bit thicker. hehe anyhow as told by lot of people, this is a must-try Thai street food.

KRABI Day 2 : Glorious Phi Phi Tour and Songkran Festival
KRABI ACCOM : Anyavee Ao Nang Bay Resort

Photographed by SizzlingSuzai. Thanks for reading though.


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  1. Ya Rabbi, amazing holiday trip ! Bestnyaaaa. How much it cost you for the whole trip? :)

  2. can't wait to see your next day post...huhu


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