KRABI Day 2 : Glorious Phi Phi Tour and Songkran Festival

Salam and hey, travelers! :)

So, this is the sequence of the KRABI Day 1 : 7 Islands Trip and Sunset Ending which is more more awesome. i promise! so this trip costs us 1,000 THB / pax or RM100 / pax that is inclusive of visiting 4 islands, snorkeling equipment, english tour guide (of course!), enough amount of mineral water and lunch (on the Phi Phi island). fyi Phi Phi Island is 8km and took about 1hr to reach from the Ao Nang beach which explaining the fees. perhaps?

We rode the speedboat for this whole journey. we opted for the very front seat with no roof and the sun was directly towards us for that 8 hrs tour. yup i was real REAL burnnnnnnnnnnn when got back from this vacay hahaha nevertheless i'm seriously recommended you guys to do the same. so that would best answer why the sunscreen spray above is real important!

Koh Mai Island

this 1st stop has already amazed us. what a freaking beautiful beach kan?! :D

Viking Cave

Indeed the water is as blue as you could see in here!

Pileh Bay

can't get enough of this place. freaking amazing view with the cliffs around you, that sparkling emerald water and i felt like wanna stay here for the whole day!

Snorkeling at Hin Klang

idk why i don't fancy the snorkeling in Krabi as much as in Perhentian Island. yup could see fishes, corals and even hedgehog (which is really funneyhh and creepy too coz i felt like they were starring back at me! LOL) anyhow, i was just enjoying the sea and swam freely.

Ao Maya / Maya Bay

white sand and blue water, what more could you ask. again, a very nice beach in here. my hubby Leonardo DiCaprio had also been here to film 'The Beach' previously. omg i was too late!!! =P

Lohsamah Bay

we climbed up the stairs without expecting on anything. then suddenly when we're at the top, our jaw was literally dropping looking at the magnificent view of.....
dem, look at the water!! its a huge pool in here...
i was extremely stun at this point!! it was like seeing a painting. seriously, this is the prettiest view i've ever seen with my naked eyes. Subhanallah...

Monkey Island

Lunch at Phi Phi Island

nice lunch! as usual i was absolutely famish after like 6 hours of the trip. huhu

Songkran Festival

Never that we know that the whole Thailand was celebrating an annual festival during our visit. it was a very new experience watching the locals as well as the tourist fooling around throwing waters. the whole town is wet! thank gaaadd we're just coming back from the trip, so we're already in our wet clothes. hey, it was seriously fun! :D

OK let me conclude the whole BUDGET (which divided by two with my buddy)

flight (return) - RM 200+
2 nights accommodation (Anyavee Ao Nang Bay Resort) - RM220+ / person
taxi from airport (per trip) - RM60
7 islands trip - RM73
Phi Phi tour - RM100
*main meal already includes in both tours

so, TOTAL : only RM 653.00 !!

Hence, thanks for reading peeps. i do hope this sharing is beneficial enough for your next plan. feel free to ask on any curiosity and HAVE FUN! please proceed with

KRABI Day 1 : 7 Islands Trip and Sunset Ending
KRABI ACCOM : Anyavee Ao Nang Bay Resort

Photographed by SizzlingSuzai. Thanks for reading though.


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  1. Salam. Tumpang tanye, taxi dr airport Krabi tue, you amek kat luar airport ke?

  2. Salam. Tumpang tanye, taxi dr airport Krabi tue, you amek kat luar airport ke?

  3. wasalam...we just took taxi yg dalam airport punye die ade booth dlm airport..hmm dunno kalau mcm ulat taxi eh haha yg kat luar tu can offer cheaper than wht we've got (600 THB per trip) then, err is up to u la klu nk go for them pon. :)


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