Effortless Shopping on LAZADA!

Ideal Polarized Sunglasses 546 (G15) via Lazada - RM50
ReebokT-shirt via Lazada - RM79 
Reebok Long Tight (men) - RM149 
NOSE Diary via Lazada - RM25  
Lavore Set via Lazada - RM70
F21 Studded Sandal - RM90 
Tote from Singapore 

yeahhh i am already in the mood of vacation!! hehe yup i'm going to xxxx on this coming 12.09.14 and here are some of the essential stuff which sure will be so usable there. yup some of the items there are being purchased via LAZADA

OK that Reebok shirt that matching my Reebok tight is just too perfect! can't wait to get into the water with this whole attire. yup it is my swimsuit! haha can purchase via fashion

then, tell me on how can i live without a shade? that polarized sunnies is thru sunglasses its to keep me cool and in the same time HOT! lol eh go and visit the page as got too many chic design that sure will make you drooling hehe

Oh well, a notebook while traveling is so crucial for a blogger hahaha because later we need those details to share with ya guys. actually i am loving the inside colourful pages of that Nose diary which also via lazada

lastly to match the local's vibe, i am desperately need that set jewellery which just sooooooo into the mode! also via jewellery :)

ok lets get back into the game. it is not a city yet it is a historical kinda place. yup will be having a day trip with the tour guide lallalala but in the same time will be also enjoying the water activity there. temperature is no cool at all but still hopefully no raining lah. well now guess! hehe wait for the update soon yar.

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