Look #149 - Smart Casual

Satin Scarf / HM Top and Boots / Union Bay Jacket / Bershka Jeans / F21 Clutch

Salam and Hey Fashionista!

So, here is my definition of Smart Casual. hope i nailed it very well as through my understanding its very easy to lock the look. just pair your casual jeans with any of a formal top with an additional of tailored blazer/jacket will do. yup, a boots is also a great statement to be included.

I'd definitely wanna highlight that white jacket which i think the age is almost 8 years old now. i still remember that was the first jacket i had, the most expensive item in the wardrobe (err RM200+ is quite pricey for me!) and my dad, papa joe is the one who paid the bil. hehe

Oh undeniably, a satin scarf is always a great piece to achieve an exclusive finish. don't know if you face the same issue but my friend claimed that she hate wearing it because the silk material is slippery and easy to move and get messy at the end. lol that was what i thought when the trend is coming back long time ago. thus, 2 crucial gist to solve the problem; great/tight inner scarf and ensure you pinned/secure both scarf and inner at the top of your head. errr...thats it!

Hey hey im going to BALI, INDONESIA tomorrow morning. insyAllah c ya on next week yar. Happy Weekend and thanks for reading. :)

Photographed by SyafiqahHashim and Edited by SizzlingSuzai


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