AM to PM Look - Feather's Boutique of 1 MONT KIARA

As a white collar from 9am to 6pm, i always need to transform myself into something that is more chic and glam at 7pm onwards. being a fashion blogger attending those glamorous event, a first impression is assuredly crucial. well' i'd say that Feather's Boutique serves it all!

Scarf from Brunei / Blazer, Maxi Skirt, Belt and Shoes from Feather's Boutique / MK Bag


That tailored cut blazer and the pencil maxi skirt are helping a lot! they help to slimmer my upper body and lower body whilst the belt is highlighting the waist area. all items are from Feather's Boutique.

Seriously, when we talk about working, it is always should be more formal yet it doesn't mean to be boring though. play with some bold and vibrant colours instead of sticking to the routine of black and white. hence, explaining the silk scarf that i got from my visit to Brunei on the last year which uncoincidentally well-matched with the shoes from Feather's Boutique.

Monki Scarf / Top, Skirt and Necklace from Feather's Boutique / Vincci Bag /  Charles&Keith Shoes


I always admire an one suit dress! hence i just can't resist this matching set of top and skirt when the sales assistant recommended it to me. the shade of the electric blue is so eye-catching! my favourite part is the batwing sleeves and the pencil skirt cutting as again, it helps to slimmer my petite shape. well, that necklace and sequinned purse suit the glam theme very well.

US Pro Sweater and Legging from Sport Direct


Both the sweater and leggings are from US PRO which you can found it in the Sport Direct in 1 Mont Kiara. again, im just a big fan of matching suit, hence explaining the choice that i made here for my "work out" outfit. well, the elastic and scuba material are always the most comfortable garment to be worn for any kinda sport activity.

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  1. Love the AM look babe, sgt wanita korporat =)

  2. Cantik babe u pakai bj Butik ni. Nampak kurus

  3. Tgk akak pkai tdg corak2 ni mcm best je. Liz try jg ni. Nmpk klasik d zmn modern dgn fashion br.

  4. tq korang yg sentiasa supportive dan disayangi selalu! :)


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