Look #220 - Im Not A Simple Plain

Scarf by WMScarf / Top from FZK / Bershka Jeans / Charles & Keith Heels / Michael Kors Bag

Well everything is being repeated yet that cape top is still one of my favourite blouse. click here for the first look. i've never regret of purchasing it via the well-known Garderobehaus, a vendor boutique own by the famous celebrity Awal and Scha.

Seriously, it is so cool that how a "right" top able to transform the whole look from a simple plain into something more interesting whilst still keeping the other effortlessly uncomplicated, a simple scarf wrapping, a simple skinny and a simple nude heels.

Oh another tip is when you hate playing with the 'drama' of long draped heavy necklace but you are trying your best to avoid looking plain as the top is also plain, hence go for this kinda of scarf wrapping! :)

Photographed by SayfiqahHashimXoXo


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