The Launch of Fragrance Fasha Sandha and RTW Rita by D'haja

31.03.16 | PWTC, Kuala Lumpur

"Fasha Sandha Fragrant by D'Haja"

D' Haja, a hijab label that has been known since 2009. after almost 8 years, the founder, Ms Ija Ahmad is looking forward to expand her hijab business into variety of other products under the same roof of D'Haja. 

Inaugurate the very first D'Haja fragrant named as Fasha Sandha Fragrance is a collaboration project with the famous actress and model, Fasha Sandha. "She has her own charm and strong aura that attracts me to choose her as our first fragrant's ambassador." said Ms Ija Ahmad on why she chose Fasha Sandha instead of other celebrity.

The idea of the "Fasha Sandha Fragrant by D'Haja" is being selected by the actress herself. the soft, feminine and fresh aroma claimed to be able to stand atleast for 12 hours. undeniably, this is a Halal fragrant whereby it can be used for prayer. With the most affordable price tag, RM37 per bottle, this "Fasha Sandha Fragrant by D'Haja" can also be found globally in Singapore, Brunei and Abu Dhabi.

"RTW Rita by D'Haja"

This exclusive evening of D'Haja is also featuring a fashion showcase of "RTW Rita by D'Haja". A pret-a-porter womenswear collection which focusing on the comfortability and modesty that suits the concept of D'Haja hijab collection. this second collaboration is a brilliant idea from the well-known Nouvelles Visage cosmetic founder, Ms Rita Dato's Sosilawati.

its a wrap!

Loose and flowy are the signature of this collection and i am really adoring the brilliant combo of both the colours and patterns from the top and the bottom. the splash of the bright colours is very refreshing. "The elegance and modesty look always able to extrude a great personality of a woman" explained Ms Rita Sosilawati on her own RTW Rita by D'Haja.

Some of the pieces from the "RTW Rita by D'Haja" are Maise (Abaya), Victoria (Pants), Layla (Skirt), Isabelle (Top) and Olivia (Blouse). the price range is extremely affordable, starting form RM100 to RM120 and the collection can also be purchased via 

with the singer with a great vocal, Farhan AF. she really need to do a comeback though!
with my babe, the TV host and personality and now a singer! Dayah Bakar good luck babe!
with my favourite designers who is always so humble, FIZIWOO

Thanks D'Haja for inviting and yeah Congratulation dear cousie! hehe Both "RTW Rita by D'Haja" and "Fasha Sandha Fragrant by D'Haja" can be found in all D'Haja outlets, D'Haja stockist premium and D'Haja agents all over Malaysia. the fragrant and RTW collection are available now.

Photographed by SizzlingSuzai


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  1. Excited nak try myself RTW RITA by D'Haja collection.. ehehee..


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