Look #218 - Briging Back That Wide Leg Pants

Unbranded scarf / F21 Jacket / Cardigan from Primark London / Pants gift from a friend / Coach bag

I received the pants as a gift from a friend long time ago. i've been keeping it safely in the closet since i tried to find that 'right' time to wear it. thanks a lot Kak Lina as never did i know that this season, the wide-leg pants is making a comeback!

Petite girls, let me share few tips on How To Wear the wide leg pants and you will look slimmer and slander! personally, i always try to balance the upper part and bottom part of my body whenever i'm wearing something oversized or slouchy. as in this look, i'm purposely opting that cardigan as it fit my figure perfectly instead of any loose blouse. well, another tip is don't forget to wear your killest heels inside! so now, forget about your skinny jeans for a while and pull this look while it is still trending! hehe

Check on this WhoWhatWear for more ideas on How To Wear this 'drama' pants!

Im totally in love with this mirror reflection of us. with my dear sister, Syafiqah, also a blogger from SyafiqahHashimxoxo at the Coach 1941 Spring 2016 RTW showcase. you may Click HERE for the full write up about the event. thanks guys for reading and please keep on visiting for more updates as i'll be sharing on the recent Zalora Rayalution 2016 very very soon or perhaps you are most welcome to follow my instagram acc @SizzlingSuzai as i've shared some live updates there. :)

Photographed by Neo and Edited by SizzlingSuzai


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