Look #221 - Hollywood Glam (How To Wear Sequin?)

Scarf from Brunei / HM Top / @caviar_KL Flare Skirt / Coach Bag / Laviso Ring

The important point to be highlighted when you opting for a sequin garment is How To Not Looking Tacky or How To Avoid Being A Moving Disco Ball? Well my only solution is try to balance the whole look, top and bottom shouldn't need to be the same material (i meant sequin outfit from head to toe! But well some can work it well though. So it depends...) and avoiding excessive unnecessary accessory would be a brilliant choice.

Another highlight of this look is that unexpected green silk scarf! Trust me, be brave and play with more colours as it able to result an 'unique' outcome. Honestly, i've never thought of combining that green scarf before as the only shade that comes to my mind were Black and Silver. Boring! Hence, i was trying my best to think 'out of the box' which is something that is contrasting with the top and skirt. Ta-da and damn it looks real good!

Hopefully you guys love it as much as i do! High courtesy to the Photographer, Mr Fakroul from Senigala for this super duper bombastic shots. Thanks buddy as Im truly deeply love the whole concept! For your information, the location is at the bar in Le Meridien Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Photographed by IG  @Fakroul_Imtiyaz | FB @Fakroul_Imtiyaz
MUA by IG @makeupbycwfarah


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  1. Agreed, the most important thing is to figure out how to balance it out =)

  2. saya paling tak berani main warna macam tu. mungkin kurang keyakinan,dan dalam wardrobe tak ada lagi koleksi sequin, tak berani tapi tengok orang lain pakai, cantikk

    1. hehe i pkai pon sbb g event2 bombastic cam gini if not then i wouldnt own one pon dear nak kemana oi pkai cam gini! haha


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