Zalora Rayalution 2016:"Minimilist yet Stylish" Tsyahmi & Xemasu


30.03.16 | Le Meridien Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

As a preliminary to future design venture, Tsyahmi is a fashion label focusing on accessible luxury ready-to-wear collections for men and women. We celebrate our penchant for art and design in the dynamic portrayal of cultural progression. This is an initiative championed by award-winning fashion designer Tengku Syahmi and creative project developer Natalie Zainal.

Tengku Syahmi fuses modesty and modernity in women’s and men's “Melayu Klasik” traditional wear. He reinforces classic timeless colour palettes into complementary fabric with comfort in mind. Tsyahmi's injects versatility in the EID 2016 pieces, which can be worn together or separately to celebrate individuality for every occasion. yup, i do personally fancy the simple embroidery which is very minimalist yet very stunning!


30.03.16 | Le Meridien Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Xema Suhaimi, the creative force behind Xema Su is born in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Xema Su’s pieces are mainly inspired by the diverse and rich Malaysian culture, with clean lines and immaculate cuts without disregarding the elements of fun and chic. Each look is injected with a taste of home. Xema Su shares the same aesthetics as some of the global designers with her pieces that are bold, yet timeless.

This year, Xema Su brings the unique blend of harmonious fusion for her Raya collection, “KHARISMA.” With a combination of playful tulle, sophisticated linen fabrics and bold trimmings, Xema Su believes that this collection is an evolution to the new fashion culture in Malaysia.

Personally, i feel that the collection is very chic! i was suddenly imagining the "Breakfast at Tiffany's" when the model in that black dress struts the runaway. anyhow, my favourite would be the third look, oh i love the layering of the bottom part. Congratulation Xemasu! Collection is available at Zalora.Com.My

Photographed by @fakroul_imtiyaz for What So Sizzle Bout Sizzling Suzai?

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